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About Us

40 Years of Bringing Families Together.

Kaiserhof is a family owned restaurant established in 1968.  Opening as the Black Forest Inn, in Stanhope, New Jersey.  After 12 years, the Bolter family followed the warm weather to California. 

Horst and Paula Bolter open the Black Forest Inn, located in Stanhope, New Jersey. 
The doors open to Kaiserhof in Mission Valley on Adobe Falls Rd.
2015: The Torch Passes
Kaiserhof passes from Father to Son. 
Covid's challenges showcases the strength of Kaiserhof's staff.
A desire for warmer weather leads the Bolters to sell the Black Forest Inn and move to California. 
Kaiserhof moves to its current home at the entrance of Ocean Beach on Sunset Cliffs Rd. 
New Beginings
Horst Bolter passes, leaving his son Peter, who had already been made owner,  to lead Kaiserhof as head chef. 
Kaiserhof appears on Food Networks: Restaurant Impossible with host Robert Irvine. Irvine's team renovated the Kaiserstube and the entrance.
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