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Peter Bolter

Owner/ Head Chef

Peter has always had a desire to create in the kitchen. Starting from a young age, Peter was learning family recipies from his  father Horst . After graduationg college for Economics, Peter realized that his true passion was in the restaurant world. He returned to school, and took classes this at the CIA, the Culinary Institute of America, in Napa Valley. 

Peter's favorite part about cooking is being able to create his own menu items, that are able to please individuals with different tastes. 


Lexi Keller 

Lexi has been with Kaiserhof for several years. She worked her way from Host, to Server, to Bartender, and now Bar Lead. She proved her commitment to Kaiserhof  during the pandemic. Her hard work and dedication makes her a wonderful addition. Besides crafting new cocktails-such as the Matterhorn Mintz and the Apple Strudel Martini-she improved serving  standards at Kaiserhof. 

Rebecca Greenfield

With eight years of Management experience Rebecca easily takes on the position of Floor Lead. Her uncanny ability to build employee morale brings a new spirit to Kaiserhof, that will last well past Christmas. 


At Kaiserhof, we are all family. We cherish the small moments that we have with each other. One of the rare occasions where most of the staff-present and past-were able to attend. 

Taking a break to enjoy the annual Staff Christmas Party. 

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